Liberatory Technology?

The term itself was coined by Murray Bookchin, in his writings about social ecology. We pick it up now, trying to adapt it to contemporary situation.

GET-freedomGovernance – the way decisions are taken end enforced within community and society.
Economy – the way energy and matter circulates within social ecosystem (anthropogenic and otherwise)
Technology – the way community deals with its environment, creating desired material and immaterial effects.

Technology, as much as economy, is the outcome of the ruling sociopolitical paradigm and at the same time is one of the tools to replicate and develop the very same paradigm.
While „master’s tools” CAN „dismantle master’s house”, its unlikely they would build a house of of radically different shape.

Liberatory Technology will then be empowering local communities to become more self-governed, resilient and autonomous. It must also be

  • Open – collaborative development, dissemination and improvement, through unrestricted publication, sharing and modifications of technical solutions.
  • Appropriate – small-scale, decentralized, labor-intensive, energy-efficient, environmentally sound, and locally controlled.

Read more on Liberatory Technology on this website.


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